Meet  Our Founders





Zohal is a mother, youth educator and also currently a student. With 15 years of teaching experience, she has lived in various places in both the uk and the Middle East, she has taught in State and Private schools.   


Zohal has always been drawn to teaching, as the eldest of her siblings. She naturally displayed the role of a protector and relished the fictional character, Miss Honey from Matilda. Zohal hopes to likewise arouse a genuine love for learning through a gentle and loving approach, whilst offering a creative sphere for learning and adventure.  


It was after motherhood when Zohal felt mainly inclined to set up Young Explorers Kids Camp, as she envisioned an alternative learning space that taps into children’s emotional, mental and social wellbeing, all the while having fun and learning. And today, Young Explorers offers just that. 


In her free time, Zohal enjoys discovering new spots in London with her very mischevious toddler.





Nafisa is an Early Years educator with 9 years’ experience in working with children. She has a diploma in childcare, the Forest school Leader Award and a BA in business. 


Nafisa is passionate about outdoor education, and believes the natural environment provides endless opportunities for learning. She firmly believes in allowing children the freedom to explore , broaden their imagination and spark curiosity into their young minds about the world around them. For truly, it is only when children feel comfortable to express themselves will they truly witness what they are capable of. 


Nafisa is an active explorer herself, and loves to partake in physical activities and travelling to fascinating natural landscapes.


In her spare time, she loves to read, watch documentaries and spend time with her close friends and family.